Two days ago, the entire Iranian media edited a violent charge from the parliamentary commission of the presidential majority (that is close to Ahmadinejad) against his disastrous management so he is accused to have emptied the currency reserves that were well filled before he arrives to the power ! The new director of the regime’s general inspection tried and outbid so to remind that he already pointed out in the media such illegal abuse and that he would deliver in that way a report to the Parliament. 48 hours after he kicked up such stink, he denied everything as a whole. | Decoding |

The director of the regime’s general inspection, the mullah who was about to sink Ahmadinejad, gathered together the journalists for a press conference that seemed to be like of a philosophy lesson in which he explained at length the linguistic meaning of the word inspection, right before stating that he had no knowledge of the report he promised to the medias. According to him, it’s a matter of a rumor invented from A to Z by the journalists !

As for the abuses, he mentioned confusions due to divergent accounting criterions, a lack of rigor regarding the statistics methods ! Such problem of statistics that has to be resolved prevented him from telling with certainty the exact amount of the reserves that would add up to around 25 billion dollars according to him.

Such sentiments of a high representative of the regime confirm entirely the analysis we dedicated 48 hours ago to the critics against the abusive management of Ahmadinejad. In this analysis, we stigmatized two essential points : a fuzziness regarding the exact amount of the supposed abusive withdraws that were operated by Ahmadinejad and a fuzziness regarding the exact amount of the reserves that are still remaining. Indeed the intentions of the medias of the regime (so of its unseen leaders) was to denounce the incompetence of Ahmadinejad in term of budget and not to announce the bankrupt of the Iranian economy. This explained the deliberate fuzziness so to not get panicked the European creditors of the regime.

The media campaign against Ahmadinejad (who became an intruder to enter into an agreement with Washington) bumped into the necessity to reassure the foreign creditors as well as the businessmen of the regime for whom empty reserves mean the regime’s insolvency, its fall and the disappearance of their assets.

So we started with empty (or almost empty) reserves to end with a minimum of 25 billion dollars in Iran and some 5.8 billion dollars on foreign accounts (as mentioned the same day by another source). In order to reassure even more the business partners of the domestic market, the regime even announced that it was about to give out the 6 billion dollars stemming from euro or dollar bank loans that it promised them 15 days ago (actually it promised a packet of 9 billion dollars, budget that was revised downwards further to the dollar rise).

Such as any figures that are introduced by the regime, those 31 billion dollars of reserve are also fictive. However it is not unlikely that they tally with its short-term debts.

This shift that was made to create trust however caused some disorder at several levels. One week ago, in order to discredit even more Ahmadinejad, several ministers mentioned a lack of 8 billion dollars into the budget to explain their inaction. The regime must find another excuse (probably it will talk about some winter additional cost). But the most undesirable effect of such shift is that it must renounce in fireback to its argument of Ahmadinejad’s budget incompetence and even avoid any reference to this tensing subject.

In order to explain the stopping of that kind of criticism towards Ahmadinejad, the regime appealed to its supreme guide. In a speech that was in homage to the hostage-taking of the American diplomats in 1979, the guide advised to the Iranian political class to not precipitate the beginning of the election campaign.

As for Ahmadinejad, the regime already found an ersatz to his economic incompetence : his political incompetence ! Indeed the media is currently teasing him about his support to Kordan, a minister who is so silly that he didn’t captured that his doctorate was a fake one !


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