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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG - October 16 2008 | The Bazaar strike is going on occupying the mind of the mullahs’ regime officials. On Tuesday, after 7 days striking, the regime sketched an appeasement gesture via a provisional suspension of the law but it made also official announcements and took steps that predict a hardening of its position toward the Bazaar.

The first step was to maintenance of the militiamen into the Bazaar in which an undeclared martial law rules consequently. Such step is paired with accusation of collaboration between the Bazaar and the counter-revolution: to police pressure is added a psychical threat.

Further to such a shock step, the regime announced that the law would be soon reactivated to be firstly applied to the department store branches (that belong to the regime) before including the small shopkeepers who are currently strikers. Everybody knows yet that those branches belong to the Ministry of Commerce or to the Foundation of Unprivileged, two State organisms. Thus this announcement would signify that there would be no exception or special privilege.

Further to these both announcements, Teheran and Isfahan, contrary to Tabriz, went back to work. The regime then edited its second alarming directive: banks are under the obligation to pass on the account details of the shopkeepers who are subjected to VAT. In case of refusal, the bank will have to pay the due tax in place of the customer.

This is the promise that the assets of our dearest bazari won’t be in security into Iranian banks. It’s a double bad news for the bazari because it’s sure they would be accused of treason and hostile action to the State stability if they would take into their head to move their capitals toward foreign banks that are more secure.

To complete this chapter, the vice-president of the Islamic Parliament took the liberty of giving some good advice to the bazaris ! The mullah Aboutorabi-Fard claimed that the Bazaar was one of the main components of the religious society, a component that always played a key role into the Islamic political system. That’s why the bazaris should not act so as to be hijacked by their enemies.

The vice-president of the Islamic Parliament didn’t have the tactlessness to remind the fate that is reserved to counter-revolutionaries but some precision was expressed from Hassan Zhebi’s side, the assistant of the Islamic Republic public prosecutor.

Zebhi (whose name means the throat-cutter) declared that he was in possession of a list with more than 100,000 Iranian, persons guilty of fraud, bankrupt shopkeepers or counter-revolutionaries who are not allowed to do business, suspended of bank withdrawal and loan and not allowed to leave the country.

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-  Iran : Très très mauvaises nouvelles pour le Bazar !
- (16 OCTOBRE 2008)

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