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Iran : Great manipulation of western internet users

After some mobilization of Western media, the new general procurer of Tehran, Abbas Jaffari Doulatabadi, announced the release of 3 of the 4 journalists who were arrested yesterday at the demonstrations of the 30th anniversary of the capture of the United States’ embassy in Tehran. He specified that he was still detaining a Danish citizen who didn’t have any press card and also the Iranian Farhad Puladi “in order to verify his link with the AFP !”

Farhad Puladi writes since 2006 for the AFP Iranian sub-branch that is know for its complacency with the regime. Puladi is the model itself of the journalist, who solely covers the subjects that interest the regime and never covers sensitive subjects such as drug addiction, youth unemployment, barbaric sentences, hopelessness, economic situation, poverty which concerns 85% of the population. The regime invents stories !

Actually Puladi is here taken for a ride. Him and other journalists were arrested and detained deliberately with no explanation in order to raise the matter of the existence of some controversy in Iran, a contestation -Green Movement- of which leaders condemn every negotiation or even compromises related to enrichment right.

The day before yesterday in Tehran, people once again didn’t assist in this sham controversy. That’s why for want of 100,000 Iranians in the streets to give some real aspect to this scenario, with its 5 arbitrary arrests, the regime mobilized every media and 100,000 internet users to make them talk about a situation of true popular controversy in Iran.

This is extremely serious because there’s next to this mockery a real social discontent that cannot be expressed for fear of being dissolved in this Green Movement that is linked with the regime.

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- Iran : Grosse manipulation des internautes occidentaux
- (7 NOVEMBRE 2009)

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