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Iran : Shishi’s misfortune

The Western media is crying a river for Shirin Ebadi : The Mullahs confiscated her Nobel Peace Prize medal and diploma and maybe even the just below one million Euro grant that accompanied her Nobelization. At the time when the regime continues to apply the most barbaric laws in Iran, the one who should be denouncing them is crying for her assets !

It’s extraordinary ! Shirin Ebadi is full of surprises. Shirin Ebadi’s personal problems always surface at a moment when the regime is at the height of a repression campaign. Instead of focalizing on the regime’s bloody repression, the western media concentrates on Ebadi’s mishaps with teary eyes making her an accomplice of the repression.

This summer when the Iranian population was in the streets with hostile slogans against the regime, Ebadi was also complaining about her personal problems, not speaking up about hundreds killed by Mullah snipers. Ebadi, the champion of diversion made her media come back to denounce the regime’s act once the latter had subdued the uprising.

Ebadi is never where she should be at crucial moments. She speaks out when the regime needs her to make diversion of its criminal activities. The “freedom” lady is not mono-tasked : she also has taken her pen to defend Iran’s right to uranium enrichment, praise the quality of the electoral process, demand the end of sanctions against her supposed enemies the Mullahs… She has also denigrated Israel avoiding to condemn the regime’s patronizing denial of the Holocaust, or has severely criticized Europe’s secular model. However, not one word on the laws established in 1980 legalizing pedophilia by authorizing marriages between adult men and young girls from the age of 9 on the lunar calendar, which corresponds to 8 on the Roman Calendar !

When last winter the regime resumed their barbaric punishment of stoning women, the western media picked up the story by firmly condemning this Middle-Aged savagery, Ebadi in diversion penned an article evoking the progress made in Iran on human rights issues thanks to her own actions and those of her supposed feminist colleagues (who also do not condemn the legalization of pedophilia.)

Her “famous” annual report on the violation of human rights in Iran is just a tardy enumeration of crimes committed by the Mullahs that she did not protest against at the time they took place ! Tehran is pleased for they avoid western media campaigns that would put into light their crimes when taking place. Once the deeds done, the western press having nothing compassionate to report contenting themselves only with a media-coverage on the author of the report. A double diversion by the regime and Ebadi !

Lately, Ebadi’s activity is focalized on a call to Obama to stop the dialogue with the Mullahs at a moment that the latter are praying for a miracle that they be disengaged from the appeasement. For the needs of this mission she is travelling across Europe with her Iranian passport that despite her self-acclaimed anti-regime activities has not been confiscated, to be heard. She has most obviously lacked persuasion and has failed to attract attention, where her latest attempt to procure attention on the grotesque story of her Nobel medal. Who is Ebadi working for ?

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