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Iran : The latest maneuvers exasperate the army !

A midst an ongoing conflict with the West and Russia’s refusal to supply the sophisticated DCA S-300 system, Tehran announced that it was leading defence exercises in preparation of an eventual nuclear, bacteriological, or chemical attack against its nuclear installations and to demonstrate its military power despite the absence of the S-300 anti-missiles.

Since last Sunday, the Mullah regime is in “military exercise in a area of 600000 km2.” Continuous detailed announcements are being made on the different steps of the maneuvers : “attack simulations, local manufactured radar tests, and zone cleansings (sic !).” The only thing missing in these allegations are verifiable images !

Euronews and France 24 diffused some images that we do not know how they were procured, for no images or pictures were diffused by the numerous Iranian channels. Not even the missile exercises that in the past the regime was so keen to advertise.

This generalized blackout on IRNA, MEHR, FARS, INSA, ISCA and other regime press organs have two motivations. The Mullah regime does not possess the new sophisticated arms it claims having invented and manufactured (boats, airplanes, DCA and missiles), and furthermore, the regime does not have the necessary gasoil needed for such exercises. It has been nearly two years that the regime has stopped flying its planes during military parades. The gasoil shortage is so serious that even the tanks in the past two years have paraded mounted on the platform trucks, for the latter consume ten times less gasoil.

Tehran by depriving the press images (especially photographs) also dissimulates its weaknesses. However, we are not duped by their continuous press releases of the invisible details of their maneuvers, for it has been over a year that no actual military exercises have taken place.

The great powers are also not duped by the Iranian propaganda : in a very ironic move, the Russians who just excluded the Mullahs from owning S-300s the only anti-missile system that could have protected them from an attack, published on the Persian page of their website Ria Novosti a video in connection with the military pretentions of Tehran.

For the Russians the Mullahs are just inflated balloons. It is not a doubt that the Iranian military also has the same opinion of the regime and its suicidal policy. In our opinion, the regime only scares its own elements and has lost all of its intimidation superb with the West. We therefore, congratulate the Mullahs in their headlong rush that will result with a total rupture between the army and the regime.


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