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Iran : Persepolis, Satrapi, France Inter, A profitable partnership

Iran-resist website has existed for 2 years and our objective was to reveal things that Iranians don’t say to French because they think that French people are racist and not interested in Iran’s great misfortune.
We think the opposite and the number of our daily visitors confirms it. This is why we dissect information and decipher what the others are saying or publishing in order that nobody can say “we did not know it”. But we hit a snag with the partnership: Persepolis, Satrapi, and France Inter.

In a first time we were concentrated on the untruths and the historical mistakes of Satrapi’s cartoon strip which are the official version of the clerical regime: No reactions from movie’s official partner side or from its numerous employees.

In a second time, we lingered on author’s talk who continuously maintains that she wants to break the clichés on Iran : the bearded men, the fundamentalists and Talibans. She tries to confuse the reader by creating confusion between the Iranian people and the mullahs who molest them daily.

Finally, we spoke about things unreleased by Satrapi such as: unpunished rapes, forced marriages, temporary marriages and especially unpunished paedophilia.

There are not hidden things of the regime, these things do not occur under the cover - to take back a Satrapi’s expression -. Unpunished rapes, forced marriages, temporary marriages and especially unpunished paedophilia are the result of laws published on many websites specialised in Iranian Justice. The only feedback we had: Satrapi and her partners are focusing on aesthetic of the movie from then on.

Unbelievable, it is the first time that journalists from France Inter are fond of a movie for its aesthetics and for its lack of content!!!

When we naively said: “Look according Islamic laws that run in Iran since the advent of Islamic republic, they do not punish rape and paedophilia” the answer was: “I want to read my comic strip peacefully, I want to see a beautiful movie, and it is not a political one!”

But yes: It is a political movie. Since 2001, Satrapi is ambassador for the International Federation of Human Rights (www.fidh.org) ! This federation and its vice president have decided to designate a woman who has never condemned the public hanging of children, the public hanging of homosexuals and the unpunished sexual acts between an old pervert and a 9 years child !

The FIDH and Lahidji, its iranian vice president, have decided to designate an ambassador, who has never condemned the death by stoning neither inside her comic strip neither in its interviews. It is serious fact. One psychically dies from a sexual abuse when one is only 9 years old. It is serious.

But Satrapi has the perfect profile for FIDH (another movie’s partner) because its vice president prefers to build a communication around reforming mullahs instead of unpunished paedophilia ! None of Iranian fake dissidents have condemned sharia and all its permissive abuses. It is serious.

The vice president Lahidji has also been involved in the covering-up of a murder which has been popularized through the media because the victim was granted Canadian citizenship: the journalist Zahara Kazemi, busted, raped by 4 men and battered to death.

The case has been “defended” by Shirin Ebadi who refused to take in consideration the deposition of a key witness. Shirin Ebadin managed to get the affair hushed up and none of exiled Iranian artists (Marjane Satrapi, Ali Mahdavi, India Mahdavi and many others) used this case to call the world attention to the Iranian political situation. As Human Rights ambassador, Satrapi never mentioned the affair and the laws in force in Iran. She is maintaining that the situation is better.

There are serious points. Which kind of profitable partnership can link France Inter to Satrapi and to Persepolis to refute serious points?

We sent disapproval messages to journalists and Satrapi’s close friends (Ali Mahdavi and Joann Sfar). All of them preferred to maintain their partnership with Satrapi rather than to be out of work by defending Iranian children who are sexually abused. According to Iranian statistics of 2004 (on the rise today), at least 500 children per day run away their home to escape from these abuses.

And tomorrow, what will happen ? Nothing… Isabelle Giordano, a France Inter employee, will show the movie in the Médicis room of the Senate. Jack Lang, the friend of Mottaki the Iranian minister of foreign affair to whom he proposed to develop relationship with mullahs, will propose to teach Persepolis – this pack of lies - to the French students in order to generate a lake of interests in what is going on in reality inside Iran.

Thanks to Jack Lang, thanks to France Inter, thanks to Rebecca Manzoni, Thanks to Eva Bettan, to Vincent Josse and Cyril Sauvageot (these three fellows who are sticking to their guns in spite of numerous efforts that we have made to informed them).

Thanks to Frederic Bonnaud, thanks to the Irockuptibles and thanks to Vincent Paronnaud who rendered the Satrapi’s movie aesthetic. Thanks also to France3 which produces the movie and thanks to its enigmatic Iranian distributor: Celluloid Dreams

Thanks to Agence France Press which has flooded the Internet with the following title: “The country of the mullahs told with funniness”. Thanks to all website that repeated the title without reminding the laws in Iran. Thanks to Constance Chaillet from Figaro newpaper and thanks to people who flight to Iran and come back speaking only about the beauty of Iranian girls.

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- Iran : Persépolis, Satrapi, France Inter, un partenariat payant
- (28 Juin 2007)

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