One of the mullahs’ regime founders, Khalkhali the pet strangler before the revolution and Khomeiny’s general procurer just after the islamo-leftist revolution of 1979 had said: “we will name it a republic and we will have a parliament to shut the mouth of Europeans!”

This « thing » is the Islamic republic of Iran where a mullah, who is Khomeiny’s brother, has invented for himself a function to have control over all political and diplomatic orientations of the regime. This man is Rafsandjani. It is him who has put in place Khatami as president. The president has no power in Iran since the former president Rafsandjani can not more employ this function because of its international warrant for arrest. Khatami’s role was to mute the Europeans and to durably implant Islamic institutions in Europe, Hezbollah in Lebanon and also to promote the dialog when the US secret agencies discovered the existence of a clandestine nuclear program in Iran. Why are we discussing again about it? Because Islamic parliamentarians of Iran voted with more than 80% an electoral reform to cut by 18 months the Ahmadinejad’s four-year term.

It is a question of having the presidential elections in coincidence with the parliamentary elections. The pretext is to reduce the expenses caused by the campaign and the elections. Everybody has expressed his contentment on that, in particular Israel where Ahmadinejad is frightening. Some Israeli newspapers would have even written with satisfaction that “Rafsandjani, rival of Ahmadinejad, had himself voted in favor of this reform: that should be, according to them, a good sign”

These budding journalists of Israel Valley have short memory: Rafsandjani was the first to explain in 2002 how to wipe Israel off the map. With only one Islamic atomic bomb! The destruction of Israel is written in the constitution of the mullahs’ regime, not explicitly, but without having to spell things out.

Unfortunately, few persons in France know the mullahs’ regime in particular because Alexandre Adler (a French journalist) has always been one of the reformers’ advocate (for Rafsandjani particularly). Adler and many others like him have always declared that it was necessary to negotiate with the mullahs and they did not hesitated to hide the reality: Rafsandjani would be then a moderate, this man, who has funded the bombing of the Jewish Mutual Aid Association (Amia)!

The budding journalists of Israel Valley are the victims of this permanent disinformation when they write: “This is not to calm down the deep tensions between Rafsandjani and Ahmadinejad. It seems that in Iran even within the Assembly, the members of Parliament are afraid of the Ahmadinejad’s shows of force”. This comment is good for the expert’s analyses like Adler (see the file on the lobbies).

Khatami served the interests of the regime as Ahmadinejad did. The first one has made deadlocks in the nuclear negotiations and has promised an agreement and the second one has frozen the negotiations to go one step further, but the object of the negotiation is not the hypothetical mullahs’ nuclear bomb but their current force of dissuasion: the Hezbollah, whose objective is to control Lebanon in order to transform it into an Islamist military base closed to Israel. Such is the stake of the negotiations. In order to succeed in making fall back to the regional superpower (the United States), mullahs must amplify the regional crises: Iran (nuclear power), Iraq, and Lebanon.

The mullahs want to have the guarantee that the United States will admit their regional role which is locally assured by the Hezbollah. Khatami and Ahmadinejad belong to only a unique regime. Ahmadinejad froze the negotiations to amplify the crisis and the only interest of this amplification of the crisis is that it leads to a consensus. This is why the regime will cut the mandate of Ahmadinejad. The regime must find a logical exit to the intransigence: we thought that it would eliminate Ahmadinejad in an attack and this option could be even updated in case of emergency.

Because currently there is an urgency: many contracts with mullahs had been cancelled and even if United Nation grumbles to vote sanctions against Iran, the regime is heavily sanctioned by China and Japan and by the banks of Swiss land, Germany and Japan. At the same time, the amplification of the regional crisis has a cost and the mullahs must distribute important sums of dollars to their allied militia such as Hezbollah, Iraqi Al Qaeda, the Shiites militia and Hamas. The regime is involved in debt and what we count as assets of the regime it is only the personal financial records of the big chiefs of the regime. The direct negotiations with the United States can also recreate confidence and permitting the return the investors to Iran. Moreover the Newspaper of Iran published in France has consulted many “objective and apolitical experts” (Michel Makinsky, Parviz Mina, Djamshid Assadi…) who all recommend that it is necessary to invest in Iran. The regime is lost and its last hope will be a new round of negotiations but with the prestigious stakes with a prestigious interlocutor: the United States.

The parliamentary vote revives the rumour on the internal quarrels of the regime: the mullahs make us hear that a debate exists within the regime. There would be in Iran adversaries of Ahmadinejad !

Stop believing that the regime is not monolithic because you continue to swallow the same lies which will lead to the same strategic errors: you will give additional time to the mullahs and will restore the confidence in a peaceful exit, which can in short-term make the return of investors in Iran. You will save the regime from asphyxiation and by doing that you stop the people from using the weakening of the regime and its militia.

Even if at the beginning the nuclear crisis was only a pretext to obtain security guarantees for the Hezbollah by approving the future dialog with a future president, by doing that you would give to mullahs all the required time to escape from a difficult economic period, strengthen their capacity and produce, meanwhile, important plutonium stocks, a substance a little bit more toxic than polonium 210.

The mullahs’ regime is a terrorist regime with terrorist methods and terrorist objectives. Remember that and don’t be duped by Adler & co. The objective of this regime is not to destroy Israel but to terrorize it. When Rafsandjani had said in September 2002 that with only one atomic bomb Iran will destroy Israel: the objective was to terrorize it and gain the heart of integrists in many countries: The mullahs’ war is total!

Rafsandjani said these remarks under the presidency of Khatami, in the country of pseudo-dissidents such as Jahanbeglou, Akbar Ganji, Jafar Panahi, Kiarostami and Ebadi! Did you hear protests?

Did you notice a reaction of these fake opponents? And did Khatami react? Even when Ahmadinejad has called to wipe Israel off the map, Khatami has approved him in the most popular newspaper published in Iran! And Shirin Ebadi on France 2 (French TV) has overbid by qualifying the Jewish genocide as a “detail of the history”.

The mullahs’ regime is monolithic : its dissidents do not express any opinion about Hezbollah, the negationism, the support to terrorism and many other subjects. But the presence of the women in the stadium challenges them. And you give time to this regime to become a giant. It is you who give him time while being in his lies of dialogue and reforms.

Prepare you to die contaminated with polonium 210 (or one of its alternatives) widespread in a water tank of your city, with in the chair reformer smiling resulting from this regime. The internal quarrel of the regime is fake and the change for a new president is justified by the need to have the investors back.