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Please take a look at our charter for intellectual property and conditions of republishing articles and analysis from

Please observe at least a 24hour lapse after we have published an article on our site before reproducing our analysis and articles on your websites.

If you wish for reference purposes to republish an article from IRAN-RESIST on the same day of its publication, please restraint yourself to publishing a few excerpts from the article and introduce a direct link to our website for your readers to consult the article in its integral version.

Please do not forget to mention the source of our articles : at the beginning or at the end of your republication on your websites. Please respect the original form of the article and correctly insert the HTML links.

We thank you for your interest and collaboration.


The team


N.B. The IRAN-RESIST site is composed of benevolent journalists who write their article independently. What you read on are website are original and exclusive analysis by our team. We rarely reproduce articles written by outside journalists and columnists, however if we do, you can find them in our Press Review (Revue de Presse) section.

We ask you to kindly respect our intellectual rights by restraining yourself for at least 24hours before you republish our articles. Please allow us to benefit form the exclusivity of our work for at least a day. We at IRAN-RESIST have the integrity of giving other websites this first day exclusivity if we wish to reproduce one of their articles. We also never forget to mention by a link the authors and source of our reproduction.

We would also like that others treat us as we treat them with respect by restraining themselves from reproducing our articles the same day of their publication on IRAN-RESIST and not to forget to give us credit for our work as they are our intellectual property. We have in the near past observed a few infringements on copyrights with our articles. We condone these acts of plagiarism and reserve the right to take action in the appropriate courts of justice if such shameful acts are to be repeated.

As amateur blogs and discussion forums seem to have more integrity in citing their sources we ask professional news and analysis websites to also respect our work by publishing a clear and direct link to the original article republished from

This charter shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the France.