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The Hossein Derakhshan’s trap

The denunciation of fake opponents has become from necessity our daily sport. In order to not depart from old habits we are going to study the case of Hossein Derakhshan who lives in Canada.

In spite of his presence in Canada since a long time, Hossein Derakhshan does not fool the Iranian community which is aware of his activity as agent for the Teheran’s regime. He had also published a webblog to take the defence of Iranian bloggers in order to trap them and those who supported them. It was required to write down their own name to profit by the campaign for the defence of free webblogs in Iran! But in reality, a lot of persons who had innocently and naively written their real name on the website, have been picked out by the regime.

With the Hossein Derakhshan’s trap, they denounced themselves. Those who leave a family in Iran have had to be afraid for their parents because the mullah’s regime chastises the father or the brother instead of the rebel. By carrying the trap farther, he posed as a Canadian photographer and wanted to exhibit photo of the same persons who registered on his webblog. By this way, the information ministry owns now a “press book” containing the Toronto’s exiles.

The liars from people like Hossein Derakhshan are mainly invented for a personal purpose, to obtain a financial or professional benefit or in exceptional cases by religious convictions. In fact, these ambitious have neither heart, nor conscience and of course no respect for their equals, but have they some for themselves ?

Among all liars that Darakshan has said, we will remember that he pretends to have left Iran under pressure of the police due to a website that he would have created. Today, nobody has found a trace of this website. In accordance with what he declared, he had written in this website critics about Iranians leaders. That fact caused to him some trouble with the police and a period in jail. It is for now, an approved technique, and the regime exploits that: imprison a regime agent, make stir around the affair : when the agent is liberated, he becomes a hero of the resistance to infiltrate hostile movements to the regime. Of course, Hossein Derakhshan was not able to fool experimented opponents, but it does not matter because his job was to trap the youngest persons.

Darakhshan maintain his resistant attitude: his stay in prison serves him as opponent curriculum vitae. The worst is that this manipulation still works among the western media, even if his reputation is now tarnished among Iranians who paid the price for his profile database. Recently Derakhshan has received the honnors of the CBC where he was aired.

Derakhshan had by this way spoken in the name of opponents in exile and said that Iran had the right to have the nuclear bomb as a precautionary measure. Let us remember that a common opponent does not refer to the mullah’s regime by employing the word Iran. A common opponent devotes this word to refer to the Iranian identity, Iranian land or Iranian people.

Derakhshan has estimated that the mullah’s regime and Iran are only one. His words are all the more offending given the fact that the mullahs are frightening to make a destroying war by continuing to utter slogans such as “death to America”, “death to Israel” and especially “until their annihilation, we will fight”. This war would be horrific to Iran and to Iranian people. No opponents would be insane enough to approve this populism and to bring to mind the precautionary measure for the regime that he supposed to fight.

Let us benefit from these few lines to award the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) with a yellow card which did not check the Derakhshan’s reputation before interviewing him. Let us remember that the CBC has been present in the engagement to save young Iranian girls condemned to death sentence and let us wage that it is just a misunderstanding.

Mere detail | Nowadays a Canadian petition ask the prime minister of this country for keeping one’s word and for emitting an international warrant of arrest against madam Kazemi’s murders. Among these murders appears Saïd Mortazayi, persecutor of Islamic Courts, the same man who has arrested the man called Derakhshan.

But this is the fault of fake opponents: their speech is incoherent; they pardon their torturers and they do not try to promote a change for the regime. Derakhshan which means shining in Farsi bears well his name and win the palm: he does not only nothing against the mullahs but also he defends their nuclear nationalism business !